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She Said, “I Didn’t Have on my Glasses..”






Sooo… It’s Conversational Mondays… and this page is looking a little less than conversational right…

Yeah I know…

Don’t hate me here, but I moved again. I pinky promise this is the last move I’m going to make ever, because boy is it EXHAUSTING. But look at me all set up with my fancy domain name and everything… it’s pretty awesome…

So if you want to know about my current drama please make the jump, and update your bookmarks, google reader, etc here

Otherwise you can just re-read this page over and over again until you can’t take it any more… it’s up to you…


Mad love to my girl yougotsars for all the help with moving things around…


Please come see me. I promise not to answer the door naked. Unless you’re into that sort of thing……










About beccasprettysurethat

I cuss, I'm snarky. I'm a slave to my desk and kids. I joined a gang once, and was forced to wear YELLOW at my sister's wedding...

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